Islington Tribune Letter to the Editor: Historic site in Farringdon Road needs homes – and trees

This Tuesday (19 Jan), Islington Council will decide on the controversial planning application for the redevelopment of the former offices of The Guardian newspaper, which are within the proposed Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Area. The application has attracted criticism for proposing to fell the mature plane trees along Farringdon Road, but local activist and supporter of the Mount Pleasant Association, Meg Howarth, has been doing some research behind the application, which she has published in this week’s Islington Tribune.

“The application to redevelop this historic site has been made by an offshore British Virgin Islands-based “special purpose vehicle” – aka a “company” – on behalf of another offshore entity – a Lichtenstein-based Saudi Arabian “family trust”. The trust is the major parent company behind the site’s landlord. It was created in December 2012 to coincide with the purchase of the site by the wealthy Saudi Arabian Jameel family.”

To read the full letter click HERE or on the image below:

it 160116


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