Islington Tribune Letters – Trees too precious to be axed for short-term profit

Chris Setz, the Chair of Islington Tree Wardens, has written a cogent letter to the Islington Tribune in support of safeguarding the London Planes that are proposed to be felled as part of the redevelopment of the old Guardian offices at 119 Farringdon Road.

The redevelopment has been designed by Allford Hall Monaghan and Morris (AHMM) for the developer Viridis. Some of you will remember AHMM from the RMG’s Mount Pleasant proposal. They are the ‘award winning’ architects that claim to be “pre-eminent in the education sector with a number of key projects that are setting new standards for learning environments.” Their contribution to Mount Pleasant was a 15-storey tower outside the entrance of Christopher Hatton Primary School, that caused such horror among staff, pupils, parents and local residents when revealed in 2012.

To read Mr Setz’s letter click HERE or on the image below.

islington tribune 150522


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