NCP Car Park Redevelopment – the chance to make your views known.

Endurance Land are planning to redevelop the 3-storey NCP car park on Farringdon Road and replace it with a 5-6 storey mixed use development incorporating office, hotel and retail. This site is in the heart of our proposed Neighbourhood Area, so warrants very careful consideration.

To view the presentation boards from last week’s public exhibition, click on the link below:

68-86 Farringdon Road_Public Consultation_Low Res_FINAL

Quatro, the PR firm hired by Endurance Land, are keen to hear people’s views and comments before submitting a Planning Application to Islington. We have been here before with the Royal Mail’s Public Exhibitions and now, as before, it’s not clear what can be gained from collecting people’s views when the designs are complete and ready to be submitted.

Nevertheless, if you have any views or comments, please contact Paul Dimoldenberg at or call him on 0207 566 7960.


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