Christopher Hatton Class of 2014’s Film message to Boris – “Have You Asked the Kids?!”

Supported by the Camden Cleaner Air Fund, the pupils of Christopher Hatton’s Year 6 class focussed their attention on the Mount Pleasant development during the summer term of 2014 – the results of which have been turned into a film. The development will have a profound impact on the on the local primary school, rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED, and the pupils responded by conducting their own research, writing letters to the Mayor and producing an exceptional film to disseminate their plea via the internet – HAVE YOU ASKED THE CHILDREN?!

To watch the film go to the Christopher Hatton website and scroll down, or click HERE.

The RMG has been accused by Councillors and planning officers from both Camden and Islington Councils of being the most aggressive applicant they have ever had to deal with. Their intransigence is no more stark than in their astonishing disregard for the well-being of our community’s children. The aggressively positioned and economically driven 15-storey tower block by the ‘award-winning’ architects AHMM looms over the already hemmed-in Victorian school building, exacerbating profound urban problems when an opportunity was there to reverse decades of neglect.

With an intensification of their operations in this inner-London area, RMG’s plans will increase vehicle trips and diesel emissions by 50%. If Boris lets RMG get their way, 3,000 vehicles a day (two a minute, 24-7!) will be hurtling into and out of the Sorting Office, putting unsustainable pressure on our road network, making pedestrian and cycle trips to and from schools, shops and other amenities even more treacherous than they currently are. The RMG will be responsible for adding significantly to polluting the air we all breathe, causing permanent harm to society’s most vulnerable – the young and the elderly – as well as undermining all efforts by local, regional, and national governments to reduce emissions, especially in inner cities where the problem is most acute.

Nobody appreciates a noisy, greedy and arrogant neighbour, and we fully endorse this passionate plea from Christopher Hatton’s Class of 2014 demanding a more considerate approach. Boris, politicians keep telling us that our future depends on our children – do we heed them or the prehistoric attitude of the RMG?


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