Islington Tribune: ‘Denounced’ in the Tribune over controversial luxury homes scheme at Royal Mail site, Mayor Boris goes on the attack

The fallout from Boris’ comments at Wednesday night’s LBC event is just starting to reach the papers, with the Islington Tribune, the subject of the Mayor’s sermon, publishing the story today.

Despite being the planning authority and therefore required to maintain a position of neutrality, the Mayor has made his views clear, albeit getting his facts staggeringly wrong – claiming the site delivers thousands of houses when only 681 are proposed and that the nimbyish local community would like the site covered in thatched cottages.

The local community has persistently asked for a dialogue with Boris, but we have been consistently denied this opportunity on the grounds of undermining his neutral position. If we had been given that chance, Boris would be able to understand the local reasons for objecting to the scheme – if well-designed and well-planned, it could take more housing and have more green space and therefore have a much greater value.

This site could be an exceptional landmark for centuries to come or, if the present scheme is approved, a future slum. Boris, Mount Pleasant is in your hands, will you seize or squander this remarkable opportunity? Either way, history’s judgement of London’s last great brownfield site will be indelibly linked to your name.


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