Mount Pleasant Association Summer Fair – ‘OUR MOUNT PLEASANT’ Saturday, 28 June, 12-5pm

Roll up, roll up!!

Come along to the Mount Pleasant Association’s Summer Fair – Our Mount Pleasant – on Saturday the 28th June from 12-5pm and have plenty of fun while showing support for the local community. There will be a mega bouncy castle and slide.

Phoenix Place (the course of the River Fleet) and Mount Pleasant will be closed to traffic as a symbolic gesture, acknowledging the community’s expressed wishes for the redevelopment of this site – more open space and less traffic. Their closure will be your opportunity to transform the area into a colourful park in our ‘draw your own park’ activity.

There will also be an exhibition by the Mount Pleasant Association and the pupils of Christopher Hatton Primary School, who have been investigating the Mount Pleasant development and learning how it will affect their school and wider community.

The event will be held in conjunction with the school’s Summer Fair, so there will be lots of fun for everyone, with live bands, international food stalls from the 34 different countries represented by pupils at the school, a talent show, raffle, face-painting, cake stalls, craft activities and so much more…

See the flyer below for more details and please circulate far and wide – it’s a fund day for the community and for London!

summer fair poster


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