Sadly, this is no April Fool – It’s Official – Royal Mail sold too cheaply and lost the taxpayer billions

Today’s papers are full of the official and damning verdict on the undervaluation of the RMG and the shocking extent to which the taxpayer lost out to big investors. Below are a sample of articles from the most popular online news outlets:


The Daily Mail

The Guardian

The Independent

The Telegraph

Can we now please focus on the RMG’s property assets

Now this sorry fact has been established, we hope the National Audit Office and others in authority may turn their attention to the vast property assets the RMG is sitting on. These assets were hardly even accounted for in the undervaluation. Mount Pleasant has been a scandal for so many reasons, but its inextricable union with this national financial fiasco demands that the RMG cannot be allowed to get away with delivering so little for Londoners in this scheme, whether it’s the paltry 12% affordable housing, lack of high-functioning open space, or the simple pleasure of sunlight.

Is it really so difficult for the government, the Mayor, or other planning authorities to demand the RMG use the billions it has made in the last few months to deliver the highest standard of developments on its many brownfield sites across London and deliver vital public services and proper open spaces that will serve our beloved city for generations?


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