Building Design – Boris ticked off ‘for sticking his oar in’. GLA vote for more clarity on Mayor’s ‘call in’ powers.

Building Design have highlighted the important news of yesterday’s motion put to the GLA by Green Party Assembly member, Darren Johnson calling for clearer guidance over the Mayor’s decision to ‘call in’ planning applications.

Having called in five applications in five years up to June 2013, Boris Johnson has called in a further five applications since June 2013, including Mount Pleasant. The GLA voted 16 to 5 in favour of the motion.

The Mayor defended his position by emphasising the need to build as many homes as quickly as possible. Quite why this obvious need should necessitate undermining the democratic and effective planning processes already in place is not something that his office seems willing to discuss. The only conclusion that can be drawn from his logic is that developers should be allowed to get away with building anything and everything as long as it’s done quickly.

We all know how fond the Mayor is of the Chinese, for very good reasons, but hasty urban development is not a trait we should be trying to emulate.

Click below for the full article:

bd 140307



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