Camden Development Control Committee vote unanimously to reject RMG’s Mount Pleasant scheme

On 21st January 2014 Mayor Boris Johnson ‘called in’ the Royal Mail Group’s planning applications on the grounds of speeding the process up, while estimating the time-frame for a decision in the summer.

One month later, Camden Council’s Development Control Committee has honoured its original timetable and met last night in the Town Hall to assess this application. Judith Dainton and Graeme Weston gave a deputation on behalf of local residents and the Mount Pleasant Association. The Councillors voted unanimously to reject the Royal Mail’s application, a decision that was met by rounds of applause from the floor and galleries.

Last night’s decision, which precedes the Mayor’s by many months at least, sends an unequivocal message to the GLA that this scheme is not fit for purpose and needs a fundamental rethink. On behalf of the local communities that live around this site, the Mount Pleasant Association has been calling for this for over 18 months and applaud Camden’s decision.

Click HERE for a webcast of the meeting and scroll down on the timeline to the first item on the agenda at 5 minutes 49 seconds.

The Islington component of the plan is to come before Islington Council on 10th March.


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