Property Week – Planning Rules are a matter for politicians (says the Royal Mail)

Royal Mail Group’s Property Director, Mr Gafsen, has been busy in his extra-curricular roles as the RMG’s Chief of Communications and Director of Public Relations, although the text is, as ever, largely a cut and paste job from previous media outings. This week, rather than responding to the unequivocal disquiet in the local community about his employer’s dealings at Mount Pleasant, he has had to respond to an article in last week’s Property Week magazine written by Mira Bar-Hillel: ‘Post Waste‘.

Mr Gafsen, all the local community has ever asked from the RMG is meaningful participation in the planning process. If you had actually done what you claim to have done and engaged properly with the local community you would not need to be cutting and pasting your stock responses to every media outlet that publishes the legitimate views and concerns of the local population and of Londoners more broadly. This is the 21st century, not the 1950s. Claiming to have have ‘contacted more than 6,000 local residents and businesses’ is almost satire. Do you know how many households there are around Mount Pleasant?

Thank you to the person who sent this article in – and the rather apposite note attached: ‘Unbelievably tedious and tediously unbelievable…’

property week 210214




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