Islington Gazette – Mount Pleasant Forum’s response to RMG’s Mr Gafsen and message to Boris

A response from the Mount Pleasant Forum to Mr Gafsen’s (RMG Property Director) duplicated messages defending his employer’s outdated behaviour has been published in today’s Islington Gazette (p22).

It ends with a plea to the Mayor, Boris Johnson, to be mindful of the growing weight of public opinion reacting against his rather too affectionate relationship with big business when it comes to determining housing policy in the capital. The public are not fooled by empty talk of jobs, housing and public space. Neither are they interested in obstructing development.

At Mount Pleasant we WANT development as QUICKLY as possible, but not of the kind that serves only the interests of the few while neglecting and even undermining the interests of the many.

Our message to GOOD development is: YES IN MY BACK YARD!

Click on the image below to the read the Mount Pleasant Forum’s message:

islington gazette letters 060214




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