Islington Tribune – a busy Letters Page again…

Mount Pleasant is once again keeping the local papers’ letters pages busy with responses from residents across Camden and Islington voicing their objections to the RMG’s proposals, which Mr Gafsen (RMG Property Director) is defending.

Mr Gafsen’s claims that the RMG are ‘committed to working with community over Mount Pleasant development‘ make a nice sub-heading, but it contradicts the experience of the Mount Pleasant Forum, which was established 18 months ago to encourage communication between the RMG and the local community. Despite our repeated invitations tot he RMG, the only contact we have had in that time is an email sent by Mr Gafsen’s PA that duplicated the points he has made in various local papers, including his latest here:

islington tribune letters 310114

Meaningful participation please Mr Gafsen, that’s all we have ever asked for. Telling us what you are doing does not constitute a working relationship.


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