Architects’ Journal – ‘Boris calls in Mount Pleasant overhaul’

Click HERE for an article in the Architects’ Journal about Mount Pleasant and Boris’ decision to call in the planning applications.

It is worth seeing the architects’ renderings, which are particularly telling, not least the bird’s eye view of ‘The Garden’ (third image – and pasted below) – the keystone in the RMG’s claims for providing ‘public realm’. The image illustrates the unlikely view seen by a 90 foot giant during the five minutes of a long summer’s day when the sun will be shining directly down its axis. For anyone shorter than this at any other time of the day on any other day of the year, The Garden will be cast in almost permanent shade by the nine-storey blocks on either side of this unpleasant precinct.

aj - Boris calls in Mount Pleasant overhaul

the garden

aerial view


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