Royal Mail Group requests Boris ‘Calls In’ their Planning Application

Royal Mail Group (RMG) have made a formal ‘call-in’ request to the Mayor of London for the Mount Pleasant planning applications.

The RMG have also reduced their affordable housing quota from 20% to 12%.

They are alleged also to have been lobbying Boris Johnson and it is widely believed that, if he calls the applications in, he will approve them without them ever appearing before our democratically elected representatives.

If he does not call the applications in, they are scheduled to be heard on the 27th February (Camden) and 10th March (Islington). If the applications are rejected in both councils, they will be referred to Boris.

In both scenarios, one man holds the keys to Mount Pleasant’s presently unpleasant proposal. In response, the Mount Pleasant Forum has produced a two minute video message to Boris and his planning advisors:

Please send this link to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and fellow Londoners – the hijacking of local communities and local decision-making in favour of big business has to be resisted.


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