The Royal Mail ends its silence …

…albeit with a whimper.

Royal Mail Group’s Property Director, Martin Gafsen, has written to the Islington Tribune in defence of his employer: ‘Homes and jobs on way’. It is heartening to see the RMG enter a public debate about their proposals, though I fear many will doubtless be disappointed that his claims have not advanced from those put forward two years ago. ‘Homes and jobs’ masks a myriad of issues that the RMG and its supporters seem unwilling to discuss.

Highlights include:

  • his prediction for a 400% increase in the long-term estimate for job creation (1250 up from the 312 stated in the planning application),
  • affordable housing (albeit 150% lower than both council targets)
  • claims to be talking to the local community (while rejecting every invitation the MPF has sent them to come and speak to us)

The read the full letter, click HERE



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