MPF ‘operating out of Cloud Cuckoo Land’

Local resident from Lloyd Baker Street and Amwell Society member, Delia Mitchell, has written a letter to the Islington Tribune in response to David Lonsdale’s article last week in which he revealed the RMG’s attempts to pay him to release his Right to Light.

Claiming the Mount Pleasant Forum is ‘operating out of cloud cuckoo land’, Ms Mitchell demands ‘it needs to get real and apply itself to those aspects that it might influence, such as ensuring that the section 106 money is spent in the local area rather than another part of the borough.’ The MPF stressed to its members that responses to the planning application should clearly state their preference for the spending of the Community Infrastructure Levy (Section 106). To concentrate all our efforts on this now would be to assume planning consent has been granted, which it hasn’t.

Her comments about density and open space reveal what hot topics and potentially divisive issues these are. The Mount Pleasant Forum does not exist to form opinion, but tries strenuously to provide a platform on which views can be aired and shared, and, in the case of the film, turned into meaningful ideas and contributions for further discussion.

Being disrespectful to individual member’s views is neither helpful nor constructive. We warmly welcome Ms Mitchell to attend our next meeting where she can listen to the views of other local residents, many of whom not only live much closer to the site and therefore have legitimate concerns that she may be unaware of and might learn from, but also do not have the luxury of private gardens and gated squares that significantly offset any worries about projected housing densities in and around their homes.

To read the full letter, click HERE


One thought on “MPF ‘operating out of Cloud Cuckoo Land’

  1. I wonder what motivated this facetious and supercilious letter. Whatever interests may have been served by it, the writer should know that it will redouble efforts to invite RMG to take another look at the poor design of this development.

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