The Closure of Clerkenwell Fire Station

Many of you will be aware of the impending and tragic loss of Clerkenwell Fire Station, not only the oldest in the UK and possibly in Europe, but, more importantly, the third busiest fire station in London. It will close permanently at 9.30am Thursday January 9th and a rally will be held outside at 8.30am for those who would like to thank firefighters and show their opposition to this devastating loss to our community and to our capital.

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With the delightful building doubtless becoming luxury apartments in the near future as well as nearly 700 units proposed for Mount Pleasant adding to the significant increase in population densities in this area, one wonders if the powers that be have got their sums right. As one of our members writes: ‘I’m sure we’ll have cause to regret this in the future, I can only hope it won’t be at the cost of someone’s life.’


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