Islington Tribune – Barrister threatens High Court action after being offered £27k by Royal Mail to withdraw loss of light objection

Here’s an excellent article in the Islington Tribune’s first edition of 2014 on the RMG’s attempts to silence local opposition by bribing local residents. Sincere thanks to one of our members, David Lonsdale, for exposing the RMG’s clandestine efforts to divide and rule.

The Mount Pleasant Forum has always maintained that genuine community participation is vital if a truly great and (since this is what the RMG really cares about) even more profitable scheme is to be achieved on the Mount Pleasant site. The RMG’s tactics of offering different residents very different sums of money flies in the face of our vision of community participation. Will today’s revelations in the Islington Tribune make 2014 the year the RMG decides for the first time to talk directly to the local community?

Click here for a PDF of the story: islington tribune 020114b

Click HERE to read the full story on the Islington Tribune website…

islington tribune 3 jan 2014 b


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