Camden New Journal article on Royal Mail’s attempts to buy residents’ ‘Right to Light’

CNJ right to light

Having featured in Private Eye before Christmas, the Royal Mail’s controversial proposals have hit the headlines immediately after Christmas with the Camden New Journal publishing a story on the Royal Mail’s extraordinary attempts not only to buy local residents’ Right to Light, but also buying their silence too.

Any resident tempted to accept a cash payment to buy the sunlight that once shone into their property will, amongst other conditions, waive their right to object to the planning application.

This practice of purchasing for cash an owner’s right to sunlight (not to mention the loss of light to adjacent public spaces) and undermining the democratic principles on which the planning process relies, is not only legal but, as Sally Hopkins from the Royal Mail states, ‘is standard practice in property development.’

Thanks Sally! I wonder how you would feel to know your home and the public space around it was going to be permanently degraded by a large property development.


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